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After sending my boyfriend a snap of me laying in his bed while he’s at an appointment. 😍 #SEXT
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Want a beautiful healthy glow with nice coverage? Josie Maran Argan Oil Light + NARS sheer glow foundation = perfect amount of dewyness 😍 seriously my fave right now.
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my current favorite combo: josie maran argan oil light + nars sheer glow. seriously gives the PERFECT dewy finish. not too dewy either so it looks oily… just the perfect glow.
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Got this in gratis yesterday at work soo in love with both of the palettes omg. Can’t wait t use them! I love my job.
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My nails I got done a couple of days ago
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follow my instagram? @cecilybea
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My iPhone 5 screens currently 💜💗💜💗💜💗 so in love with iOS7
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Spotted this and had to buy it because its fucking h o l o g r a p h i c 💕
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My urban decay package that came yesterday :)
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Purchases from yesterday weeeee.